PADI Referral Dive Schedule

First Day - We review your referral documents, and fill out the required documents for your final certification dives. After introduction to your PADI Instructor, you and your Instructor check over your equipment, and you are provided with any extra equipment required.
While on the boat, your instructor reviews the assembly of your equipment and you become completely comfortable and relaxed with your equipment in the water.

Under the supervision of your Instructor, you go on two enchanting dives where you safely experience the sense of wonder and awe shared everyday by scuba divers around the world.

After your dives, your PADI Instructor goes over any questions you might have, reviews your performance, and gives you tips on how to improve certain skills, if necessary.

On the return to the dive shop you properly wash and stow your equipment, then together with your Instructor, log your diving experiences, and your instructor signs your logbook entries and completes your referral form for that day's diving activities.

Second Day - You set up your equipment under the watchful eye of your instructor, review the skills and dive plan for your final two certification dives.

After completing the check out of your open water skills, your PADI Instructor takes you on a colorful tour of Puerto Rico's coral reefs bursting with marine-life and other intricate marine ecosystems.

After the dives your PADI Instructor goes over any questions you have, critiques your dives and profile, and then signs your completed log entries for that day's dives.

After passing all of the required criteria of the PADI Open Water Certification, you receive your temporary PADI Certification Card while your permanent card is processed and forwarded to you from PADI.


The total cost for 4 Referral dives (including 2 days of boat dives, all gear rental, instruction and
PADI Certificaton CARD upon completion) is $320
+ $35 Certification Card processing fee charged by PADI.


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