Come join us on one of our snorkeling trips to the coral reefs of the Spanish Virgin Islands.

Snorkel on your own of follow our snorkel guide who will take you around the reefs and brief you about the marine life and other cool things to see in the snorkeling spots.  Professional quality snorkeling gear includes a snorkeling vest and wetsuit if you like
Average depths range from 10 to 30 feet.


Fajardo morning trip - $60.00 per person plus tax



Want to add extra Fun to your trip?

Palominito Snorkeling and wave runner ½ day trip

  • Rent a wave runner for 1 hour, get beach umbrella and a cooler with water, sodas snacks also do some shore snorkeling.
  • Boat departs -9:00am
  • Drop off in palominito where you will have the umbrella, cooler and wave runner or Kayak ready (1 hour use)
  • Snorkel from shore
    Boat picks you up at 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm approximately


  • Wave runner and snorkel- $193.00 pp
  • Kayak and snorkel- $ 115.00 pp

    Add ons:

  • Beach Cabana- $22
  • Large Inner tube- $22

  • Sign our waiver ( you MUST know how to swim)
  • Must reserve at least with 2 days in advanced


Contact us toll-free (800) 739-DIVE or (787) 863-DIVE or by email:
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