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Sea Ventures COVID-19 Safety Measures

*All of our Staff is fully Vaccinated

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Dear travelers,
New COVID19 update. We are open for business. 
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Sea Ventures has responded to the current COVID-19 pandemic by implementing Safe WorkplacePractices that will help ensure that our diving and snorkeling activities be conducted as safely as possible for both our guests and our staff, while continuing to uphold boating safety standards.  We know these practices can be uncomfortable and cumbersome but we have implemented them with our best intention to keep everyone safe, have our dive center open and be able to continue to provide the great customer service that we are known for.

Specific processes are defined below, but all staff and guests should practice:

Distribution, Cleaning and Disinfection of Shared Surfaces, Equipment and SCUBA Gear


  • Sea Ventures, Inc. will employ a dedicated person who will be trained in and will follow the Guidelines for Cleaning and Disinfecting Boats and Boat Specific Equipment.
  • Shared surfaces, equipment and SCUBA gear (masks / snorkels/ wetsuits/ BCDs/ Regs) will be cleaned, disinfected using a disinfecting product on the EPA’s “N-List and dried before reuse.
  • If you brought your own gear, there will be a designated area for you to clean the gear that is separated from our rinsing stations.

Common Areas Cleaning 

  • Staff will disinfect all touch point surfaces each morning and each afternoon.

Scuba and snorkeling equipment disinfecting process

  • We disinfect all dive & snorkel gear daily. That includes BCD, regulator, mask, snorkel, snorkel vest, fins, wetsuit, weights and tanks.
  • We use disinfectant from the ones approved by the EPA for breathing equipment.
  • List of disinfectants we use: List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2 | US EPA


Guidelines for Cleaning and Disinfecting Boats and Boat Specific Equipment[Y1] 


The following are minimum standards that must be followed when cleaning/disinfecting Sea Ventures, Inc. vessels and vessel specific equipment. Users will adhere to these standards while following all applicable health, safety, and environmental laws.

All boat surfaces and boating related equipment that are touched by the operator or crew will be cleaned/disinfected at the end of the operating day ensuring the following three-part strategy (in this order) is completed in its entirety:

1)    Rinsed or wiped down with clean, soapy water.

2)    Disinfected with an environmentally safe, EPA approved disinfectant

3)    Allowed to dry for a minimum of 12 hours before re-use.

The following is a minimum list of surfaces (touchpoints) and equipment that will be cleaned/disinfected after use:

●      Electronic Equipment: GPS, Radar, VHF, Tachometer, Trim Tab Switches, Keys.

●      Boat Specific Surfaces:  Handrails, Swim Steps, Gunnels, Anchor/Chain, Fenders, Dash, Helm, Door Handles, Deck Hatch Handles, Valve Handles, Marine Head.

●      Safety Kits/Equipment (only if used): Oxygen Kit, First Aid Kit, Emergency Signaling Equipment, Dive Flag, Current Line and Float Ball.

The following guidelines must be followed when cleaning/disinfecting boats and boat specific equipment:

●      All personnel will wear face covering while cleaning/disinfecting boats and boat specific equipment.

●      When there is a significant chance of chemical runoff into the environment, only non- toxic, biodegradable EPA approved chemicals are allowed to be used when cleaning vessels and equipment.

●      All cleaning/disinfection supplies will be provided, will be checked for expiration and will be used per manufacturer instructions.

●      Electronics, steering wheel, throttle, safety kits and communal handrails will be wiped down with clean/potable soapy water then disinfected and left to dry.

●      Communal surfaces such as anchors, anchor chain, gunnels, swim step rails, etc. should be rinsed with high pressure clean water before being sprayed with an environmentally friendly EPA approved disinfectant and left to dry.

●      Equipment made from a suitable material and that can be safely removed from the vessel and cleaned/disinfected in a sink or bucket can be disinfected with a diluted bleach solution prepared by mixing 5 tablespoons (1/3rd cup) bleach per gallon of water or 4 teaspoons bleach per quart of water. Bleach solutions should not be used where follow up rinsing poses a threat to the environment.

Safety compliance

Safety compliance