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Sea Ventures Code of Conduct, Rules & Requirements

Sea Ventures Divers & Snorkelers

Code of Conduct Rules & Requirements

(This Code of conduct is located at our Dive Center, on our Vessels and is posted in our Website)

1. Any diver with 2 years or more without diving will be required to do a refresher course.Refresher Courses help divers practice diving skills and refamiliarizes the diver with the underwater world. Added benefits include refreshed buoyancy control skills that help keep the diver safer, as well as helping protect the marine environment. 
2. All participants on board must fill out a medical questionnaire upon arrival at check in. If your answer is yes to any of the questions on the medical questionnaire – we must request that you see a physician and get a clearance before being allowed to dive.
3. Dive Instructors working with Discover Scuba students are not allowed to take pictures while working underwater.  Please refrain from asking this of the DSD Instructors.
4. All Snorkelers must wear a snorkeling vest at all times in the water for safety reasons. Removing or failing to wear a snorkel vest while in the water is not acceptable and is done so at your own risk.
5. All certified divers must follow the Dive Master at all times. Solo diving is not permitted.
6. Smoking is not allowed on board (USCG Requirement)
7. All participants must be strong confident swimmers.
8. Children under 5 years  are not allowed on the boat for Scuba for  their own safety. Children’s from 5 to 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Pregnant women are not allowed on the boat for any tour for  their own safety. 
9. We have a no touch policy. Touching or disturbing any type of coral, seashells. or any underwater organism is not permitted.
10. Leave no trace behind. Please try to limit excess use of paper cups and paper towels while on board. Deposit recyclable trash in the recycling trash cans. Glass bottles are not allowed on board.
11. While approaching wildlife – turtles, rays, dolphins, manatees, and others Divers and Snorkelers are requested to maintain a minimum of 4 feet of distance.  Harassing, touching or feeding any wildlife is not allowed at any point.
12. While approaching the dive sites the speed of the boats engines will be reduced gradually until neutral is reached to minimize noise.
13. Dive flags and Alpha flags are located on the flybridge of the vessel and are visible for any other vessels passing.

Sea Ventures Boat Safety Information

1. Life jackets are located in the V-berth of the boat.  The bright-yellow dedicated life jacket containment bags are designed for ready access and quick dissemination of the life jackets in the case of an emergency  Life Jacket donning instructions are identified by your crew during initial briefing.  Donning instructions can also be viewed on the placards  prominently posted in the boat.
2. The boat is equipped with a VHF Radio located on the upper deck at the boat helm.  We monitor VHF Channel 16 at all times. This channel can be used to call for help in the event of an emergency.
3. The boat has an EPIRB on the right side of the upper cabin.  This EPIRB is designed to automatically float off and mark the location of the vessel should a sinking emergency occur.
4. In the case of an engine fire this boat has a dedicated automatic engine room fire extinguishing systemlocated in the engine compartment.  Please note that there are portable handheld fire extinguishers easily accessed and prominently displayed in dedicated fire extinguisher mounts throughout this boat.
5. Please always be mindful that the decks will be wet.  It is imperative that you ensure and maintain positive control at all times while moving about the boat.  Be certain to hold on while walking and moving inside this boat.  It is also important that you are mindful when going up or down the ladders on this boat.  For the swim deck ladders, once you have established a firm grasp of the ladder, – you are requested to remove your fins and hand them up to one of the crew members.  We request this so that you are then easily and safely able to climb the ladders. We encourage you to always be facing the ladders whenever you are going up or down them.  This pertains to all ladders on the boat.
6. We ask and we advise all guests to please not use spray sunscreen on the boat.  Spray sunscreen overspray has the potential to make the boat deck slippery.  In general, please be careful with sunscreen products to avoid any getting on the boat deck.  
7. We want to protect our Coral Reefs.  Sea Ventures encourages you to use only sunscreens that are designated Reef Safe.

8. Sea Ventures Crew / Staff are trained and required to fill out an incident report form for any incident or accident that may occur.  Any guest involved in an incident or accident will also be requested to note the circumstances on the incident report form.


9. If you have any special needs or requirements please be sure to inform the Crew / Staff and we will try as much as possible to accommodate your request.