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Sea Ventures Code of Conduct, Rules & Requirements

1.Any diver with 2 years or more without a dive will be required to do a refresher course. This helps regain confidence and buoyancy control to protect the marine environment.

2.All participants on board must fill out a medical questionnaire upon arrival at check in. If you answer yes to any question on the medical we will request that you see a physician and get a clearance before being allowed to dive.

3. Dive Instructors working with Discover scuba students are not allowed to take pictures while working underwater.

4. All snorkelers must wear snorkeling vest at all times in the water for safety reasons.

5. All certified divers must follow dive master at all times. No solo diving.

6. Smoking is not allowed on board (USCG Requirement)

7. All participants must be strong confident swimmers.

8. Children under 5 year’s old and pregnant women are not allowed on the boat for their own safety. Kids from 5 to 15 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

9. We have a no touch policy. Extracting any type of coral, shells or any marine organism that belongs to the undersea world will not be allowed at any point.

10. Leave no trace behind. Please try to limit use as much as possible of paper cups & paper towels while on board and in the protected areas. Deposit all refuse in the proper recycling trash cans on board. Glass bottles are not allowed on board.

11. While approaching wildlife – turtles, rays, manatees and others- the divers will maintain a proper distance. Harassing, touching or feeding any wildlife is not allowed at any point. If an in danger animal is found, it will be reported to the local DRNA authorities.

12. Discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, origin, or religious affiliation will not be tolerated.

13. While approaching the dive site the speed of the engines will be reduced gradually until neutral is reached to minimize the noise.

14. Dive flags and Alpha flags are located on the fly bridge of the vessel and visible for any other vessels passing.