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Become a PADI Divemaster or Instructor

Become a PADI Professional Member


Upcoming Courses for 2024

  • May 14th to the 23rd of 2024
  • October 15th to the 24th of 2024

Choosing the right IDC Center to do your PADI Instructor Course Training

Choosing the right IDC Center for your PADI IDC or Professional level training can be a hard decision. It does not have to be one. We know exactly how you might be thinking since we have all been there. You are about to make a big step not only becoming a dive professional, you are joining one of the most prestigious diving association worldwide. We are committed to the best customer service and teaching techniques that you will need to become a successful PADI Instructor.

Why do your IDC with Sea Ventures?

We limit the size of our IDCs so your educational experience will be more personal. Our staff has global experience and is dedicated to sharing our experiences and knowledge with our candidates so they become a “real world” PADI Instructors!

“Our mission is simple; provide the best quality education through the PADI system of diver education with World Wide experience so that every diver feels comfortable and can enjoy what the underwater realm has to offer.”

This offers you the right start for your new career with the most complete PADI Instructor Development Course in Puerto Rico.

You will receive the most comprehensive Instructor Development Course in Puerto Rico. We offer an extended 9 day IDC including extra academic, confined water and open water presentations as well as extra Dive Theory and Standards exams.

An IDC Prep Course is provided prior to the IDC for those who wish to brush up on your Dive Theory.

Here’s what’s included in Every IDC Package:
  • 🌊 Explore Underwater Wonders: Dive into a world-class diving experience with our expert-led PADI courses. 🏠 Free Accommodations: Enjoy complimentary lodging during your professional diving courses, making you learning journey comfortable and convenient.

    📚 Personalized Education: Benefit from small class sizes for a more tailored and effective learning experience.

    🌐 Global Diving Opportunities: Our courses open doors to international diving careers, taking you to some of the world’s most stunning underwater locations.

    🐠 Conservation-Focused: Learn about marine conservation and become an environmentally responsible diving instructor.

    🏆 Award-Winning Quality: Train with an award-winning center recognized for its commitment to quality and environmental stewardship.

    🎓 Comprehensive Training Packages: Our inclusive packages cover everything from beginner to professional levels, ensuring a complete and immersive diving education.

  • Coral reef conservation Seminar
  • Dive Shop and USCG Boat Requirements seminar.
  • Additional work shops on Rescue techniquesDivemaster refresher course prior to the IDC including Divemaster Theory review, Skill practice in Confined WaterFree rental of diving equipment during the preparation phase and during the IDC and IE.
  • Extended IDC with many added classroom presentations and water sessions
  • Access to PADI material

Do you want some time to prepare before your IDC?

PADI Instructor Preparation Course

Your PADI IDC with Sea Ventures starts with our exclusive Instructor Preparation Course (optional). These day is focusing on getting you up to the level necessary to begin the IDC. If you are in Puerto Rico early enough you will be welcome to join us prior to the IDC in order to go diving, sharpen your dive skills and refresh your knowledge.

Sea Ventures Instructor Preparation Course primarily focuses on the following:

Confined water skills workshop- You will work with our experienced instructor development staff to perfect your demonstrations of the 20 Basic Scuba Skills, rescue skills and much more.
Dive theory review- Your dive theory knowledge will be assessed and reviewed, allowing you to be fully prepared for your PADI Instructor Development Course.

PADI Standards and Procedures- We will teach you the overall structure of PADI’s Instructor Materials. This gives you a great introduction on how to use the Instructor Manual!

Full IDC (Package A):

Tuition Fees IDC & EFR Instructor
Books and Materials
PADI Instructor Examination Fees**
PADI Instructor Examination Application Fees**
PADI EFR Instructor Application Fees**
** Payable to PADI once IDC is completed. Subject to changes**

FULL IDC & OWSI to MSDT Package (Package B):

Tuition Fees IDC, EFR Instructor, 5 Specialty Instructor
Books & Materials
PADI Instructor Examination Fees**
PADI Instructor Examination Application Fees**
PADI EFR Instructor Application Fees**
PADI Specialty Instructor(5) & MSDT Fees^^
** Payable to PADI once IDC is completed.
^^ Payable to PADI once Instructor Application is processed by PADI and finished the courses

Go Pro from DM to OWSI Package (Package C):

Tuition Fees Divemaster & IDC, EFR Instructor
Divemaster Crew-Pack, IDC Crew-Pack, IDC elearning and EFR Instructor educational material
PADI Divemaster Application Fee*
PADI IDC Completion Fees**
PADI Instructor Examination Fees**
PADI EFR Instructor Application Fees**
* Payable to PADI once DM Course is completed.
** Payable to PADI once IDC is completed.