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Culebra Reefs Excursion

Quick Details

Certified Diver - Morning
Discover Scuba Diver Including Gear Rental & Instruction
Bubble watcher Just along for the ride (Ages 6+)
Adult Snorkeler Ages 13+
Child Snorkeler Ages 12 and under

Visit the beautiful reefs of Culebra Island!

Certified divers, Discovers Scuba and Snorkelers are welcome to be on the same boat but in different groups with their own Divemaster’s or guides. All divers are grouped based on their level of expertise.

This area is unspoiled and virtually undiscovered, providing divers the opportunity to explore small walls and reefs few have seen. With more than 60 species of fish and a wide variety of invertebrates, water temperatures between 78º to 86º, and visibility from 40 to 100 feet on an average day. The depth of the reefs we visit  range from 20 to 55 feet max depth.

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